studio playlist

The most important job for every photographer, during every shoot, is to make sure the model you're working with is as comfortable as possible. Studio shoots can sometimes make this difficult as they're generally more stripped back and the spotlight is, quite literally is most cases, all on them. That's why I've put together a playlist that I find helps keep the mood laidback, positive and generally inoffensive to most people's tastes... 

Unless you and/or the model are into death metal. Then you're on your own. Sorry.

editing playlist

As every photographer knows, editing can be a long, arduous and incredibly tedious (hello e-commerce) part of the job. The right playlist is instrumental to every editing session and although the mood of your sets can vary drastically, it's best to work with music that won't effect your headspace so much that the final images lose what you felt you saw in them whilst post-processing because you had your own personal backing music. 

The playlist below is what I tend to put on (on shuffle because I like to be surprised) whenever I'm going to be editing for a significant amount of time. It fills the silence, helps me concentrate but more importantly, doesn't influence my work.