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booking your shoot

Whether you're a new model looking to get signed or an experienced model looking to refresh your book, we'll be able to create the kind of studio images you're looking for.

The base package (price listed below) consists of a two hour shoot in my East London based studio, with nine edited images delivered. 

It is a bright well located studio, where I usually shoot with a cream fabric backdrop or straight in front of the white wall in order to give a more real and less "glossy" look to the images. If however you would prefer to use a more traditional, colorama backdrop instead, then please let me know before the shoot so it can be arranged and set up before your arrival. 

(See the images on this page for an idea of what the lighting will look like) 

Studio packages start at £220 for the base package with nine edited images. There is also the £260 package which includes twelve edited images. If you wished to purchase anymore images it would be £15 per image.

Add a set of polaroids/digitals to your package for just £50 extra.

Or if your an agency you can book in a set of polaroid/digitals (Minimum three sessions per set) for £50 each session.

More information below.

for models booking directly

If you're interested in booking, just drop me a message using the form below with your name and contact or email me at

If you are interested in booking multiple shoots then let me know in the message box below or email and we will arrange a multi-shoot discount.

for agencies booking shoots for their models

If you're interested in booking a shoot for your model, just drop me a message using the contact form down below with the agency name along with the booker's name and contact details or send them in an email at

If you are interested in booking multiple shoots on the same day for multiple models then let me know in the message box below or email and we will arrange a multi-shoot discount ranging from 10% to 20% depending on how many bookings you want to make.

a little about the studio...

The studio is located in one of London's creative hubs in Hackney Wick, is a short five minute walk from the Hackney Wick overground station and is a fifteen minute was from Stratford Westfield.

The studio is located up on the first floor of the building (with no lift unfortunately) and has a lot of natural light.

There is no designated changing room but I fashion one in a nook in the corner of the studio with ten foot poly boards so the model has complete privacy. There is also a restroom a very short walk down the hall from the studio if the model would prefer to change in there or alternatively, I can always leave the studio whilst they change. Whatever makes the model more comfortable.

a little about me...

I've been working as a portrait photographer for a little over six years now and have worked with brands and model agencies across Europe including London, Paris and Berlin.

For portfolio shoots I'm an avid believer that the focus needs to be on the model so tend to go with quite classic wardrobe to ensure that the attention is with the subject.

add an update to your polaroids

You can also easily add a polaroid/digitals update to your package which includes two sets of: headshots (front & profile), mid length (front & profile) full body (front, profile & back) images in two different outfits.

Disclaimer: Polaroids are not edited. 

Added polaroid update session: £50.
A set of polaroid updates (Minimum three sessions per set): £60 each session.

other information

where is your studio located?

The studio is a short five minute walk from Hackney Wick station. The site also has private parking but needs to be booked in advanced so if driving, please let me know and I will book it in for you.

how far in advance should i book?

For studio sessions, you can book a maximum of 45 days in advance.

do you shoot outside of london?

I do but there is an additional travel charge.

do you offer any other services?

Along with my portrait shoots I also offer modeling workshops where you will be able to have a mini-shoot with me whilst having an agency signed model in attendance to give advice and tips. You can also book these workshops in conjunction with a full studio shoot at a discounted price. Use the contact form or email for more information.

how long do your shoots last?

The base package is for two hours but can run over a bit if I don't have another shoot or workshop booked directly after.

who selects the images you edit?

I usually whittle down the selection to a manageable amount then send a contact sheet to the client/agency to make the final selects. If you wish to make your selection from all of the taken images then please let me know and that can be arranged.

do you do actor's headshot sessions?

I do. There will be a page on headshot sessions soon, until then just message me using the form below for more information.

can i request colour or black and white for the images?

Of course. I can give suggestions on what I think will look best but ultimately the decision is yours.

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