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Frequently Asked Questions

I tend to get asked quite a few questions through my social media channels and email so I figured I'd just hot a few down here to save people asking.

This whole section will be updated over time.

What camera equipment do you shoot on?

I shoot all of my work on Fujifilm equipment. I started off shooting with the XT-1 then the XT-2 when that was released.

My lenses of choice are the 56mm f1.2, 23mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4 and on rare occasions the 18mm f2.

Where can I find models who want to collaborate?

If you're literally just starting out then the best thing to do would be to start shooting with family members or friends. It'll help you find your footing in a much more relaxed environment than if you were to just approach a stranger on Instagram. You'll learn some valuable lessons about posing and lighting.

Can I come and assist on a shoot? 

Whilst I would love to be able to bring others along to my shoots, it would tend to go against the way I shoot. I try to keep my shooting teams as small as possible with only the essential personnel there. I am looking into the idea of doing workshops and one on one lessons sometime soon though so if you are interested then let me know via the contact page. 

How to become a full-time portrait photographer?

This one I can't really answer because it's going to be different for everybody. I started off as a writer/blogger and needed images to go along with the content I was writing plus our social media. I gradually made the switch over to portrait photography after growing a small base of clients whilst shooting as a hobby.

How much should I charge?

Again, there's no definitive answer for this as what you're really putting a price on is your time and your time may be more or less valuable to you than to another photographer. I'd say pick a figure that "feels" right for you and then adjust with demand/available time.

How do you find your outdoor locations?

I try my best to at least once a week go out on a scouting day and literally walk around a certain area of London just looking for interesting or cool streets that would work for a shoot. I am currently working on a page to add to my site where I can share interesting spots for photographers. 

Who do you use for your portfolio site?

I currently use Format although I have found that their platform is no where near as full featured as the likes Squarespace or Wordpress. If you want to add a blog to your site then stay clear of Format as it is pretty terrible. If you just want a place to showcase your portfolio, definitely check out Format.

Have a question for me that's not on here?

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